UI: Global Marketing

Products & Services

San Miguel Yemamura Woven Products Sdn. Bhd.- Malaysia
** Range of Woven Laminated Foils : for packaging, construction, roofing ** ETL Container Liners : ETL-‘ ENVIROTUFF’ Thermal Container Liners for the packaging ,food, pharmaceutical , Electronic industry.

Kolowa Ventilation Co. Ltd. – Taiwan
** Poultry equipments including Gas Brooder , Auto Drinker, Auto Feeder for chicken farms and poultry farms. ** Environment Control Ventilation and Cooling System - design and installation

Raw Materials
**Maize based raw products, **Specialty Fats for the confectionary industry, **Fruit Concentrates, **Desiccated Coconut, **Cocoa based raw material & **Dairy Products raw material for the food industry.